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Enterprise Server plug-ins

Enterprise Server plug-ins

Enterprise Server plug-ins add (custom) functionality to Enterprise, for instance for connecting to external sources (such as a Drupal Web site or a database), or for automating specific processes.

Plug-in types

Two types of Server plug-ins exist:

System plug-ins. Provide default Enterprise functionality.

Custom plug-ins. Any custom-made plug-in that is added to the default installation of Enterprise.


Each Server plug-in has its own feature and consists of one or more Connectors, each implementing a part of the feature. The plug-in acts as a container for these connectors, it describes their functionality and allows you to activate or deactivate the feature.

Two types of connectors exist:

Service connector

Business connector

Service connectors

Service connectors can be used to interfere with the standard behavior of services offered by the application server. The “Overrule System” Run Mode allows a connector to entirely implement a certain service, meaning that the standard service is not used at all. The Before/After flavors allow connectors to act before or after the system or manipulate information received from client applications or information that is about to leave the Server and sent to client applications.

The following types of Service connectors exist:

Type Prefix
Administration Adm
DataSource Dat
DataSource Administration Ads
Planning Pln



System Administration Sys
Workflow Wfl

Run modes

The Run Mode defines the way and the events under which the connector is called by the Server. The following Run Modes exist:

  • For connectors of type Service:
  • Before System
  • After System
  • Before- and After System
  • Overrule System
  • For other connector types:
  • Synchronous


Connectors can be given a priority value which indicates the order in which the connector needs to be called. This is useful when there are multiple connectors implementing the same interface.

Server Plug-ins Maintenance page

The Server plug-ins are controlled through the Server Plug-ins Maintenance page. It shows the current state of the plug-in and the connector details, and allows you to register, install, activate, or deactivate the Server plug-in functionality.

Figure: The Server Plug-ins Maintenance page

Accessing the page

In Enterprise Server, click Server Plug-ins in the Maintenance menu or on the Home page.

Page setup

The page is divided into two sections: a list of server plug-ins and their details on the left, and a list of plug-in connectors and their details on the right.

To display the details for a plug-in or connector, select that item from the list.

Implementation stages

During its use, a Server plug-in can go through the following stages:

  1. Added to the Enterprise Server folder
  2. Registered in the database
  3. Installed
  4. Activated
  5. Deactivated

To indicate its state, the following icons are used on the Server Plug-in Maintenance page:

Enterprise Server plug-in enabled icon Activated.The plug-in is correctly installed.

Server plug-in disabled icon Deactivated. The functionality of the plug-in has been turned off.

Enterprise Server plug-in error icon Error. Errors occurred during the installation.

Tip: Hover the mouse pointer over an icon to display additional information about the state of the plug-in.

Server plug-ins that are shipped with Enterprise 9

  • Adobe DPS. For publishing content to Adobe DPS.
  • Content Station CS4 Article Conversion. For converting Adobe Creative Suite CS4 (WWCX) articles to the Adobe Creative Suite CS5 (WCML) format with the help of InDesign Server CS5 or higher. This happens on-the-fly when a CS4 article is opened for editing using the Multi-Channel Text Editor in Content Station.
  • Content Station List Dossiers. For adding Dossier templates to the Home page in Content Station.
  • Content Station Overrule Compatibility. Enables support for Issues that overrule their Brand settings.
  • CSV Data Source. Allows 65bit’s EasyCatalog users to connect to a text file through Enterprise.
  • DataSource Record Structure. For use with 65bit’s EasyCatalog. Checks the consistency of a record set structure returned by a data source. For example: all records should have the same amount of fields. If a record set is not consistent, the plug-in will log the occurrence in the Enterprise Server log files.
  • DataSource Workflow Service. For use with 65bit’s EasyCatalog. Copies updates when a document is copied within Enterprise. This plug-in is required when using Data Sources in combination with live updates.
  • Drupal 6. For publishing content to a Web site based on Drupal 6.
    See Integrating Drupal 6 in Enterprise Server.
  • Drupal 7 - Publish Forms. For publishing content to a Web site based on Drupal 7.
    See Integrating Drupal 7 in Enterprise Server (Publish Forms).
  • Hunspell Spelling. For enabling the Hunspell spelling engine (installed separately), used in the Multi-Channel Text Editor in Content Station.
    See Configuring the Hunspell spelling engine.
  • ImageMagick Preview. For enabling image preview generation using ImageMagick and Ghostscript (installed separately).
    See Installing ImageMagick.
  • InCopy HTML Conversion. For converting HTML articles to text so that editing is possible in InDesign or InCopy.
  • OpenCalais Suggestion Provider. (Since Enterprise Server 9.1) For connecting to OpenCalais, an external suggestion provider which generates tags (keywords) by scanning the content of articles.
    See Setting up the auto-suggestion feature for adding tags.
  • PHP Preview and Meta Data. For generating previews for JPG, PNG, and GIF images.
  • Sips Preview. For using a Sips command for preview generation.
  • Solr Search. For enabling the Solr search engine (installed separately).
    See Setting up Solr.

Additional Server plug-ins

Additional Server plug-ins from WoodWing are available in the following locations:

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