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Error codes used in Enterprise Server


Error codes used in Enterprise Server 9

Error messages that originate from Enterprise Server include an error code. Such codes start with 'S1' and are enclosed in brackets.


(S1029) Record not found.

Unable to open the article; it is already being edited in another tab (S1091).

Error codes make it possible to recognize the type of error regardless of the language that the error is displayed in.

Error code overview

All error codes can be found in the file that contains all Enterprise Server software strings for a particular language.

The file is stored in the following location:

<Enterprise Server path>/config/resources

The following files are available:

File name Language
csCZ.xml Czech
deDE.xml German
enUS.xml English
esES.xml Spanish
fiFI.xml Finnish
frFR.xml French
itIT.xml Italian
jaJP.xml Japanese
koKR.xml Korean
nlNL.xml Dutch
plPL.xml Polish
ptBR.xml Brazilian Portuguese
ruRU.xml Russian
zhCN.xml Chinese (Simplified)
zhTW.xml Chinese (Traditional)

The following is an overview of the error messages, sorted by code number. It is based on the software strings found in the enUS.xml file:

Code Description
S1000 Missing function parameter.
S1001 Unable to save attached data to file.
S1002 Access denied.
S1003 Couldn't connect to database.
S1004 Database error.
S1005 Database already initialized.
S1006 Database already up-to-date.
S1007 Database not initialized.
S1008 Failed to delete:
S1009 Name already exists as user.
S1010 Name already exists in database.
S1011 Name already exists as User Group.
S1012 Error.
S1013 Failed to export, EXPORTDIRECTORY not defined.
S1014 Failed to export, unable to find or save to.
S1016 User has fixed password.
S1017 Invalid {STATE}: '%1'.
S1018 Invalid e-mail address.
S1019 Invalid operation.
S1020 Invalid property.
S1021 Unable to perform this action; the file has been checked-out.
S1022 Problem: Could not move low-res file to destination directory :
S1023 Please complete required fields and retry.
S1024 First and second password are different.
S1025 Name already exists in this {ISSUE}.
S1026 Name has invalid characters or is too long.
S1027 Problem: Could not move native file to destination directory.
S1028 None available.
S1029 Record not found.
S1030 Unable to perform this action; the file is not checked-out.
S1031 Not available.
S1032 Empty name is not allowed.
S1033 Empty password is not allowed.
S1034 No action taken.
S1035 No database => init database .
S1036 No %1 found.
S1037 No Slugline.
S1038 %1 %2 already exists.
S1039 Metadata updated, but database cannot be changed. Please contact your administrator.
S1040 This name already exists in the database with another type. Metadata not updated.
S1041 Unable to create temp folder. Please check the access rights for the ATTACHMENTDIRECTORY.
S1042 Problem: Could not move thumb file to destination directory.
S1042 Error: Invalid or expired logon ticket. Please re-logon.
S1044 Template missing:
S1045 File type is not supported.
S1046 The file size is larger than the value for upload_max_filesize established in php.ini.
S1047 The file size is larger than the MAX_FILE_SIZE established in html.
S1048 The file is partially uploaded.
S1049 Could not find file to upload.
S1050 Not allowed to mix objects of different types in one upload session.
S1051 User deactivated.
S1052 Choose a language.
S1053 Wrong user name or password.
S1054 No authorization server found. Check your network domain suffix or contact your local administrator.
S1055 Access to authorization servers failed. Please try again later or contact your administrator.
S1056 %1 %2 does not exist.
S1059 %1 can not be deleted since it has been configured. Please contact your administrator.
S1060 The server plug-in %1 is required for this feature, but is not enabled.
S1061 Solr Search Error: %1.
S1064 Could not upload attachment to Drupal.
S1065 Unable to perform this action; the file is linked to another file which is checked-out.
S1066 Unable to edit the article; it is locked.
S1067 Error composing article.
S1068 Error connecting to server. Please check your connection and try again.
S1070 Article is not placed on layout.
S1071 Error creating PDF.
S1072 Not allowed to perform this operation.
S1073 Please only add files of the same type.
S1074 Error uploading files. Click OK to try again or click Cancel to stop uploading.
S1075 Error parsing WWSettings.xml file.
S1076 Default is not in the list.
S1077 You don't have the right permissions to execute this application.
S1078 No Comment.
S1079 The file type could not be detected because the extension is unknown.
S1080 Content Source not found for alien or shadow object %1.
S1081 No Comments.
S1082 Cannot publish because publish system is set to {ENTERPRISE}. Please contact your system administrator.
S1083 Server configuration problem: slugline column missing in query. Please contact your system administrator.
S1084 Either the source {PUBLICATION} is not specified or the new {PUBLICATION} is blank.
S1085 Cannot add Dossier to itself.
S1086 Air or Flex SDK does not match.
S1087 Either the source user name is not specified or the new user name is blank.
S1088 The Content Station Documents folder is not defined in the WWsettings.xml file.
S1089 Abort export magazine error, please contact the system administrator.
S1090 Application cannot be loaded.
S1091 Unable to edit the article; it is already being edited in another tab.
S1092 {DOSSIER} could not be removed because it is published to %1. Unpublish this Dossier and try again.
S1094 Enterprise Agent must be running to start applications.
S1095 No text was entered.
S1096 Server configuration problem: format column missing in query. Please contact your system administrator.
S1097 Exporting the magazine could not be started. Please contact the system administrator.
S1098 URL not found.
S1099 The Dossier order could not be determined. Please contact the system administrator.
S1100 Either the source group name is not specified or the new group name is blank.
S1101 This browser is not supported. Please check the Help Center for compatible browsers.
S1102 Invalid SQL.
S1103 Invalid URL.
S1104 Module can not be loaded.
S1105 Not allowed to have 'Automatically Send To Next' option enabled without 'Next Status' defined for Status %1.
S1106 Application %1 not found.
S1107 No default template found.
S1108 Error: your browser needs to support Javascript. Please configure your browser accordingly.
S1109 No previews folder found.
S1110 No web-edit cache folder found.
S1111 This Safari browser version is not supported. Please download Safari version 3 or above to access the Web Editor.
S1112 Properties not saved. Only one {ISSUE} allowed for this object.
S1113 This feature is only available in Content Station - Pro Edition.
S1114 Passwords do not match.
S1115 Passwords cannot be left blank.
S1116 New passwords do not match. Please try again.
S1117 Publish error from %1: %2.
S1118 An error in InDesign Server occurred.
S1120 The plug-in contains errors. Please repair and refresh the Server Plug-ins page to reload your fixes.
S1121 Article conversion to WCML failed.
S1122 Invalid Date.
S1123 Unable to set the DPS Viewer version to 25 or lower because the access level of the following Dossiers is set to Free: %1.
S1124 Unable to change the access level; this requires DPS Viewer version 26 or higher.
S1125 Import of the Suggestion Entity failed.
S1126 A publish system ID is already set for this Publication Channel.
S1127 Invalid publish system ID.
S1128 The properties could not be updated.
S1129 Invalid {CATEGORY}: '%1'.
S1130 Elasticsearch error. Please contact your system administrator.
S1131 Deleting your own user account is not allowed.
S1132 Deactivating your own user account is not allowed.
S1133 Version mismatch due to an incorrect processing sequence while saving the layout. The Job will be rescheduled.
S1134 InDesign Server does not respond.
S1135 No active available InDesign Servers found.
S1136 Fatal server problem occurred. Job was requeued to try once more.
S1137 Time-out, job not ready in acceptable time.
S1138 No InDesign Server is defined.
S1139 No active InDesign Server configurations found for job %1. Please configure an InDesign Server %2 that serves priority %3.
S1140 Operation can not be executed. There is a newer version available in the File Store. Please get latest version and try again.
S1141 The text component '%1' of article '%2' was already placed. It is not allowed to place it once more.
S1142 The text component '%1' of article '%2' was already placed. Nevertheless, it is now placed once more.
S1143 No text components found in dossier that can be placed on matching frames of the layout.
S1144 Error connecting to the service named %1. Please check your connection and try again.
S1145 Password expired, please change password.
S1146 User account not valid any more.

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  • 28 December 2016: Added overview of error codes with their description.
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