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What is meant with the label on the product feedback post

Label / Status Definitions

After being read by a WoodWing employee a label will be added to the feedback post to visualise its status. 


This label is used for several situations. 

  • The idea described in Post is not a feature/improvement request. It is a question and it is answered.
  • The idea described in Post is a feature request that will NOT be honoured by WoodWing. In the answer this is explicitly mentioned.
  • The post contains a support question that is forwarded to our support team. A support request is created for the person that posted it.

Open for Feedback

We do like the idea that is posted. We still like to gather feedback as no decision is made yet if or when this idea will be added in one of our upcoming releases. There is no guarantee that the feature will be included in any upcoming version. 

Upcoming / In Progress

This idea is planned to be added in one of our upcoming releases. "Bigger" ideas will be mentioned on the Upcoming Features


This idea is added in one of our released versions. "Bigger" ideas will be mentioned on the Upcoming Features. The latest post will include the version number and/or release date. 


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