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Feature Request policy

Your feedback is very welcome

We value your feedback a lot. In the end it’s our customers we build our software for, so all feedback, whether it's feature suggestions or improvements of any kind is very welcome. So, please continue to post all your suggestions here in one of our Product Feedback forums.

 How we handle feature requests

  • We read all your requests and we will try to answer them as best as we can
  • We do take votes on posts in account, so please add your votes to existing requests if you think they are important
  • We get a LOT of feature requests : we literally have received thousands of them since we started. Which is great and a valuable source of direction.
  • We take customer feedback, expert opinions, our own market research, the availability of our own team and long term strategy fit all into account when deciding where we are spending our time on
  • This all means that we have to say a lot more NO than we would like to. Or actually, in most cases our answer will be more like MAYBE. If we already know the request will never end up in the product we will tell you so. In most cases however, the request will be very valid, but will not be implemented because other topics have a higher priority. So it might be implemented at some point, but we have no clear insight on when that will happen. Or, it might be that we solve the problem behind your request in a different way
  • If we know when a feature is due to be released, we will inform you. Please keep an eye on this page here to see if your feature is up next. All release dates are indicative and subject to change.

How you can help

  • Continue to post your requests on our forum. it’s a great place to have a discussion on features and you can vote on features from others as well
  • Describe the feature as detailed as possible, but make sure you also include what problem you want to solve. (In some cases a completely different feature might solve the same problem)
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