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edit value for max query size



  • Jim Meyer


    I think I found the problem but want to make sure.  Which query method are you using...  the "Query String" or "Query Builder"?


  • Eizwan Zulkipli

    Thanks for your feedback Jim. I believe that would be Query Builder. The currently using the client is using version 9.7 


  • Jim Meyer

    It looks like this is a limitation of Elvis/Assets that I cannot work-around within Smart Mover.  The "string builder" in newer versions of Mover that use the REST query has the same limitation...  so that is not an option either.

    My best suggestion is to use multiple Download Tasks with each query selecting a subset of the assets that need to be downloaded.  For example: the first Task could download all the files with names between "a" and "g"...  so in the builder Type = "Between", Term = "name", Values "a" & "g".  But based on my testing this would include all files with names that start with "a" through but not including "g".  So the next Task would download "g" through whatever...  and so on...  with one last Task just for "z".

    I hope that works... If not let me know and I will see if there is another option.


  • Eizwan Zulkipli

    Understood and thank you for the alternative solution. 


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