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Feature request: Scripted sub-folder creation and renaming


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  • Jim Meyer

    Hi Zahir...

    You can have Mover run the .bat file using the "Command Line Execute" Task.

    The "Make Sub-Folders" Task is designed to move files down one level into newly created subfolders.  It can also optionally sort them into different subfolders based on each file name being moved.  It is unclear to me if that is really what you need to do.

    If you just want to rename a folder or folders based on the current date-time then you can use the "Rename Files" Task...  which can also optionally rename folders.  Something like this:

    From:   (.*)

    To:  \1-{rbScript:print SQLDate}

    The "From" defines the entire existing file name.  The "To" then takes that entire name designated by "\1" (the 1st and in this case only subexpression) and adds to it the result of the "rbScript" (Appendix C of the Mover User Guide) and adds to it the current date in SQL form.

    So for example "My Folder" would become "My Folder-2020-12-24".

    Note that I did not "Include Subfolders" as that option would rename every file and folder in the entire structure.

    For a backups, you might want to look at the "Zip Files" Task which can consolidate an entire folder into 1 file and then rename that.

    Hope this helps!


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