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Enterprise DownLoad - ignore checked-out files



  • Jim Meyer

    I assume step 3 is Enterprise IDS automation and not Smart Mover.

    I see what is going on:  When Mover runs the query the results include if the object is locked or not...  and that it what it uses to determine if it should process each object or not....  But as you point out there may be enough time between when the query runs and the actual download for an unlocked object to get locked by a User or some other process.

    I can solve this by making another call to the server immediately before each object is downloaded to make sure it is still not locked.

    As you point out, smaller batch sizes will minimize this problem...  but I realize there is a practical limit.

    PS: you should not need to include "smart_objectlocks" in the named query....  Mover is effectively checking that flag.

  • Peter Gersmann


    It is indeed IDS Automation from Enterprise. You might want to get a lock on the object or do error handling after. Checking just before still has the risk of a race condition between IDS Automation and Smart Mover - resulting in an error from Smart Mover.


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