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Have Smart Mover subscribe to the Enterprise/RabbitMQ Message Queue, and act on events....



  • Jim Meyer


    Thank you for the suggestion.  I will look into it.

    Based on your posting I assume that you already know about the Remote Run feature... Appendix G of the Smart Mover User Guide....  which would require a Plugin.

  • Jim Meyer


    I looked into your suggestion and based on my understanding I do not think it will work.

    The problem is that the message provides the new current properties for the object and there is no realistic way to determine if a particular property was just changed.

    So for example, let’s say that you want to trigger a Mover Process when an object’s Status is set to a particular value…  When the User does set that Status, then Mover could trigger the required Process just like you suggest…  but if the User just changes the Comment (for example) and the Status had been previously set to the triggering value Mover would not know the difference and would run the Process again.

    There does appear to be one exception:  Each message includes the current and previous RouteTo…  so in that case, Mover could only trigger the Process when that value has been changed.

    This is not a problem with Plugins since they can easily determine which property has been changed by the User and only trigger the Mover Process when required.



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