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Errors on Enterprise check-in




  • Jim Meyer

    Hi Peter....

    I will look into options to deal with this issue...  but I am currently traveling so it might be a few days....

    In the meantime:

    1.  Under Preferences->Error Handling there is a setting "Do not re-notify within x minutes"....  Setting this value higher will minimize the number of repeat error emails.....

    2.  This may cause other issues but... You can also set the entire Process to "Test Mode" on the Process setup window.  With that option set, no emails will be sent for any errors that occur during the Process.

    3.  You could add a Copy Files Task (with deleting the original) to the end of the Process to copy any file from the check-in folder that did not get checked back in....  and optionally also add a Send Folder List Mail Task listing any files that got moved because they could not be checked-in.....  or as you suggest, just delete them with a Delete Files Task.



  • Peter Gersmann

    Thanks Jim,

    We already use "do not re-notify" for 10 min. I have changed it so that we delete files that fail to check-in. Then we at least only get 1 error as it doesn't retry.



  • Jim Meyer

    Hi again Peter...

    So you would like Mover to be able to check-in a new version even if the object is not currently checked-out....  but you understand that if the object is checked out by another User or a different client app that Mover will not be able to check it in. 

    Is that correct?





  • Peter Gersmann

    Hi Jim,

    That could result in data loss if the local team had made changes. I'm just tired of getting errors for this kind of error.

    Right now we have it running on Test. No easy solution.


  • Jim Meyer

    Does this Process have any other Tasks besides the Enterprise Check out & In?  If it does not and you do not want to get any error emails then I suggest turning on Test Mode for the Process.

  • Peter Gersmann

    Oh yes - most have 10 steps.If you plan on going to the Xperience in May, then you're absolutely welcome to visit us before or after in any of the Scandinavian captials (Copenhagen would be most convenient to us).


  • Jim Meyer

    OK....  thanks.....  I am currently not sure if I will be attending or not....


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