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Enterprise Mod Metadata to status value




  • Jim Meyer

    Hi again Peter...

    I will certainly look into this...

    The main reason Mover just supports "Status to Next" is that it works for all Brand-Type combinations...  The UI for defining a specific Status for all possible Brand-Type combination would be complex and messy...  and thus something I generally try to avoid.

    One other option to consider is an Enterprise Plugin.... 


  • Peter Gersmann

    Hi Jim!

    We "just" ask for a field where we can do a write-in with our own status. The interface is in place for custom fields and for setting status in Elvis. I do get that if we make a "write what you like" for status in Enterprise then you have to do a look-up to find the status ID for each Brand+Type (or even Brand+Issue+Type for those using overrides).

    Caching those combinations on Save of the job will be difficult as we would then have to open the job each time we add a brand. We have considered a plug-in but archiving to Elvis seems like something that shouldn't require a plug-in.

  • Jim Meyer

    OK....  that seems very doable....

  • Peter Gersmann

    Having tested 10.2.0b16 - the Enterprise Mod Metadata seems to not support this feature, and it is one location where it is needed.

    Scenario 1 (which was the one described in this ticket):
    We archive to Elvis all dossiers and all layouts - so we would like to set those to status "Archive" across all brands.

    Scenario 2:
    If a dossier or layout fails to archive then we have a named query "ArchiveErrorKids" that lists all the images, articles etc. in those. If we could run a Smart Mover job 1x a day then - using "Enterprise Mod Metadata" we could set those to archive. Probably one of the files would then fail - but then we would know which file it is.

    To get the most from "set directly to status value" the Enterprise Mod Metadata has to support it.

  • Jim Meyer


    I can add that feature to Enterprise Mod MetaData also but initially did not think it was necessary...  because the Task does allow you to set the Status individually by object Type...  although you do have to select a specific Brand before you can do that.

    If you still need the ability to enter a single Status name let me know.


  • Peter Gersmann

    Hi Jim

    Yes, please. We have 160 brands so it would help a lot to just set the status. Smart Mover will still need to check that object type and status matches (in the case of the status name being used by different object types).


  • Jim Meyer

    OK...  I will try to get into the next pre or final release.

  • Gert Blekkenhorst

    Hi Jim,

    Could you please share a status update on this topic?



  • Jim Meyer


    I have added the ability to set a given Status in the Enterprise Mod Metadata Task into the code and it has been tested.  It will be in the next release....  which I hope will be within the next few weeks.  

    There are currently have a few unrelated outstanding issues that need to be resolved before I can release the next version.

    If you want a preRelease version that includes this new feature let me know.



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