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Abort check-out with Smart Mover




  • Jim Meyer

    Hi Peter....

    Thanks for your suggestion.  I understand the problem and will look into options for a future release.  Although I am concerned that such a feature could also cause problems.

    One option would be to "abort" if the User was no longer logged in.  Would that solve the problem for you?



  • Peter Gersmann

    Hi Jim,

    We use a named query with a merge on smart_objectlocks and the field "timestamp" - we then only abort check-out after xx hours (or days). Like:
    smart_objectlocks.`timestamp` <= DATE_ADD(NOW(), INTERVAL - $DaysSinceLocked DAY

    The user might have logged on (again), but we will still do an abort check-out. With +1000 users and outsourced production we will never be able to contact the users first. It might however be nice to get a log with object + status + locked by.


  • Peter Gersmann

    Outstanding! Thanks!!


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