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SS 2017 installer unreliable




  • Official comment
    Frits van Dee Support team
    Customer Impact Group

    Hi Lindsey,

    Sorry to hear that you had to restart your ID 2017. Some common issues we have seen already are:

    • Trying to activate Smart Styles 2017 with a license that is not valid for SS 2017.
    • The About Dialog is not loading so you do not have access to the activate page.

    For the dialog issue make sure the last installer is used (at least v12.0.0 Build29 )

    A new license can be bought and the latest installers can be downloaded from:

    If you find other issues and need assistance don't hesitate to contact our support team.

  • Frans van der Geest

    I have the same problem, I used installer build 29, downloaded today, but no about dialog or dialog to enter the serial...

  • Frits van Dee Support team
    Customer Impact Group

    Dear Frans,

    I have forwarded your post to our support team. They will follow up with you.


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