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InDesign Crash with Smart Styles when Paste into to a table cell




  • Frits van Dee Support team
    Customer Impact Group

    Dear Ofer, I will create a support ticket for this post as we need to do further investigation.

    This forum is ment to share information, tips and tricks from and to all users of our products. 

  • Frans van der Geest

    A variation of this crash:


    I installed the 2018 version of SmartStyles, and can reproduce a crash every time. The crash does not occur when I remove the Plugin:

    Create a new document;
    Choose table, Create new Table;
    Drag out the new table (text frame);
    Place cursor in a cel, choose Place an place an image (ceel converts to Graphic Cell);
    Place cursor in any other cell and right click for context menu: InDesign crashes.

    See video: <>

    I tested it on two computers: a iMac 27” 2017 and a MacBook Pro 2016.



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