Release Notes

Learn about the new features, changes, fixed issues, known issues and upgrade instructions for each release of Content Station 10.


Learn how to install Content Station 10.

Using Content Station

Learn about the various ways of using Content Station 10.


Learn how to work with Applications in Content Station 10.


Learn how to work with articles in Content Station 10. Topics: working with articles | creating | opening for editing | opening in InCopy | article components | editing | article templates | managing styles | placing, cropping, removing images | default article | showing articles as a story | overset text

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Learn how to configure Content Station 10. Topics: location of configuration files | custom applications | custom context menu commands | custom functionality | tracked changes | saving articles | smart caching | fallback font | file opening | connecting through proxy | layout preview | spell checkers | font size | text editor | desktop app

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Learn how to work with Dossiers in Content Station 10.


Learn about the different Editions of Content Station 10.


Learn how to work with files in Content Station 10. Topics: downloading | bookmarking | sharing | properties | copying | deleting | restoring | opening for editing | inbox | routing | sending | workflow status | unlocking | uploading | file versions | locations | links to Enterprise files

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Learn how to use Enterprise Issues in Content Station 10.

Keyboard Shorcuts

Learn how to control Content Station using the keyboard.


Learn how to use Content Station in different languages.


Learn how to license Content Station.

Logging In

Learn about logging in to Content Station.


Learn about using passwords for logging in to Content Station.

Publication Overview

Learn how to use the Publication Overview of Content Station.


Learn how to search for files using Content Station.

Sticky Notes

Learn how to work with Sticky Notes in Content Station 9.