Release Notes

Learn about the new features, changes, fixed issues, known issues and upgrade instructions for each release of Elvis 4.

Server installation

Learn how to install Elvis 4. Topics: Full installation | upgrading | uninstalling | licensing | HTTPS | subdir | redundancy | memory configuration

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System requirements

Learn which hardware is needed for running Elvis.

Server configuration

Learn how to configure Elvis Server. Topics: Advanced settings | Windows settings | performance | session timeouts | drag-and-drop | Apache | anti-virus

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Backup and restore

Learn how to backup and restore an Elvis Server instance.


Learn how to use the APIs of Elvis 4.

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Learn how to work with files. Topics: supported file types | file relations | previews | versioning | importing

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Content management

Learn about adding content to Elvis and how to allow or restrict access to content and features.


Learn how to customize Elvis.

Demo environment

Learn how to set up an environment for demonstrating Elvis.

Desktop client

Learn how to use the Elvis Desktop client. Topics: keyboard shortcuts | favorites | file sharing | security | permissions | history | versioning | downloading | installation | Collections | opening | check-out

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Adobe Drive

Learn how to use Adobe Drive with Elvis 4.

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Enterprise integration

Learn how to integrate Enterprise Server in Elvis. Topics: content station | shadow objects | restoring | importing | exporting | metadata

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Learn about using Elvis with InDesign. Topics: relinking | installing | uninstalling | updating content | file formats | importing | scripting | editing layouts

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Learn about the aspects of indexing Elvis Server.


Learn about using Elvis in different languages.


Learn how to work with metadata. Topics: custom | required | special | organizing content | field permissions | field information | flagging | templates

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Learn how to work with plug-ins. Topics: web access | URL variables | java | internal | configuration

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Plug-ins (bundled)

Learn about the bundled plug-ins of Elvis 6. Topics: web CMS | version cleanup | upload portal | syndication site | search other Elvis server | search in external website | import from RSS | print contact sheet | photo usage report | move files and folders | live feed | import | geotagging | statistics | download portal | debugging | cleanup | approval

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Plug-ins (scheduled)

Learn about scheduling tasks in Elvis using plug-ins.

Plug-ins (action)

Learn about the action plug-ins of Elvis 4.

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Learn about searching for files in Elvis.


Learn about storing files in Elvis.


Learn how to troubleshoot issues when something goes wrong in Elvis.


Learn about managing users and user groups in Elvis.

Web client

Learn how to use Elvis in a Web browser.

Workflow configuration

Learn how configure the workflow in Elvis.

3rd-Party software integration

Learn how to integrate 3rd-party software in Elvis.


Learn about the building blocks of Elvis 4.

Managing Elvis / Admin pages

Learn how to manage Elvis Server.