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Working with Dossiers in Studio for InDesign and InCopy


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  • Oliver Chou

    Figure: The Studio panel showing 3 Dossiers, one of which is expanded to view its contents.

    1. It should be 4 Dossiers.


    The Studio panel appears, showing all files in Enterprise including Dossiers.

    2. "Enterprise" should be "Studio".


    Step 4. Set the rest of the properties for the Dossier and click OK

    .The Dossier is created and the selected files are added to it.

    3. This is not a big deal, but the period belong to the earlier sentence.


    4. I believe Studio for InDesign and InCopy is supposed to be used for connecting to Studio Server. However, all the screenshots in the article shows it is connecting to "Enterprise Aurora". Since that essentially Enterprise Aurora and Studio Server are the same things, I guess it might actually work in reality. However, the article seems to be all about Studio Server, so I think I should just bring this up. In my environment, it is still called "Smart Connection", I supposed that's because I am using InDesign CC 2018 and not CC 2020.


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