Preventing Smart Connection from checking if Enterprise Server is SSO-enabled


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    Craig Cardillo

    What if you are using an Enterprise locator and only defining a single URL in WWSettings and configure each server such as:

    define( 'APPLICATION_SERVERS', serialize( array(
    new ServerInfo( 'Server1', '', '', '', '', ''),
    new ServerInfo( 'Server2', '', '', '', '', ''),
    new ServerInfo( 'Server3', '', '', '', '', ''),


    Is it possible to do as part of the APPLICATION_SERVERS? Or can you do in wwsettings when pointing to a locator if none of the Enterprise servers listed are using sso ?

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    Carlo de Boer

    Unfortunately it is not possible to disable sso as part of the APPLICATIONS_SERVERS. Disabling the check on sso from the client is only possible if the servers are defined in the wwsettings.xml file.
    We reopened the ticket to avoid the fatal error on 'WflGetNativeAppAuthenticationInfoService'. Reference: EN-92517. It is planned for Smart Connection 14.2.1 for Adobe CC 2019.

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