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Integrating Elvis 6 in Enterprise Server 10 on AWS - Load balancer information


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  • Vincent Bergervoet

    Hello Jorgen,

    This article sets up two areas to concern about, the Websockets for the Elvis Agent and Sticky Sessions.

    Please refer to the comparison of Load Balancers from AWS here:

    Web sockets are both available for ALB and NLB, Sticky Sessions are available for ALB and CLB.

    ALB also has layer 7 support including support for headers like X-Forwarded-For which are necessary for having correct URLs returned by Elvis for downloads and thumbnails.

    We recommend to use ALB unless you are running Enterprise 10.4, then use CLB.


  • Jorgen Jansson

    The use of the term "ELB" is ambiguous.

    ELB is a grouping of all AWS load balancer options, currently these three:

    • ALB - Application Load Balancer
    • NLB - Network Load Balancer
    • CLB - Classic Load Balancer

    I assume you mean either NLB or CLB when you use ELB in this page, but could you clarify this point, please?


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