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Opening files for editing (file check-out and check-in) using the Pro client of Elvis 6 - configuration


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  • Maarten van Kleinwee

    Elvis Agent cannot be used when AWS CloudFront is used in front of the Elvis Server. AWS CloudFront does not support WebSocket connections, the technology that is used by the Elvis Agent.

  • guy meddens

    Hi Maarten,

    Does ElvisAgent support Apache mod_proxy, with proxy_wstunnel_module ?

    Thanks for the help.

  • Vincent Bergervoet

    Hello Guy,

    What the Elvis Agent basically does is take the url used to connect the Pro client and replaces the http or https protocol by the ws or wss protocol respectively. It expects to be able to establish a connection using that url, which can't be further influenced.

    There is no specific support for Apache network proxy setup. If the url is proxied properly to the server, the server will handle it and return response containing urls needed for download. Which, if the request is properly forwarded, would point to the correct http/https url again.

    If there are further questions related to the setup please contact support.



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