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Controlling how Elvis assets are used in Enterprise 10

Controlling how Elvis assets are used in Enterprise 10

Elvis 5 can be tightly integrated with Enterprise Server 10 to make the assets that are stored in Elvis available in the workflow of Enterprise.

An asset that is stored in Elvis can be used in Enterprise in one of the following ways:

  • As a shadow object that is created in Enterprise and that is linked to the asset in Elvis (default setting). Only when the Elvis file needs to be worked on is the original file — together with the file preview, thumbnail, metadata and versions — retrieved from Elvis and stored on the local system of the user.
  • As a copy that is created in Enterprise and that is not linked to the original in Elvis.
  • As a variant: a copy that is stored in Elvis and linked to a shadow object in Enterprise. The variant is also linked to the original image, thereby making it possible to see the original asset and all its variants. Variants are stored in a dedicated folder in Elvis, known as a 'Production Environment'. Multiple Production Environments can be set up, one for each Brand / Category combination. This makes it possible to use the same asset across different Brands.


Use one of the following configuration steps.

Note: It is assumed here that Elvis and Enterprise are either already fully integrated or that you are in the process of doing so. For more information, see Integrating Elvis 5 in Enterprise Server 10.

Document history

  • 7 July 2017: Updated option 3 'Creating a variant' with information about using assets in the Production Zone folder.
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