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Inception update - 28 November 2016

Quick update from the Inception side! We've added some smaller, but yet, really useful features. This is what's done the last couple of weeks:
  • When creating a custom channel using the Publish API we already send out the story package in HTML5 and CSS. This is great for creating new channels in a simple way, but we now also send out the structured content of a story; without the design. For the structured content we've used an open initiative called PRISM Source Vocabulary. You can read here on how to use this in your own channel.
  • Next two smaller features which improve on efficiency and give more freedom in design.
    • Support for nested containers, or container-in-containers.
    • Ability to set the background color and opacity of a container. 

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If you want to know what we are working on right now, have a look at our upcoming blog, and if you have any questions please use the Inception forum.
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