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Setting up Inception for an efficient workflow


Setting up Inception for an efficient workflow

Whether you are using Inception by yourself or in a team of collaborators, make sure to take full advantage of the features in Inception to create content quickly and efficiently.

These features include:

  • Setting up Story templates and Styles
  • Setting up Publish Channels
  • Setting up Brands
  • Assigning users
  • Managing users with admin rights

Note: We recommend to first fully set up Inception before assigning users. This make sure that when they log in they have access to the right content and tools. The step 'Assigning users' is therefore last in the list to perform.

Setting up Story templates and Styles

The most efficient way of creating a Story is to base it on a Story template that is set up specifically for the publication that the Story is used in. This way, users can immediately start writing without having to first set up the Story itself.

For each type of publication therefore (news, sports, fashion, blog, and so on) create a template containing only the relevant Story components and styling.

For more information, see:

Setting up Publish Channels

The aim of writing Stories in Inception is to eventually publish them. This is done through a Publish Channel which needs to be set up in Inception. Configuration steps may also be needed in the channel where you are publishing to.

Use the information in the following articles to set up the full workflow:

Setting up Brands

When working in a team of contributors that need to produce stories for multiple publications, it is highly recommended to set up Brands: one for each publication or project.

This way, content of one publication or project is separated from all other publications or projects. Furthermore, for each Brand you can define which users can access it.

Using Brands has the following benefits:

  • Security: Users can only work on content in publications to which they have access
  • Ease of use: Users see only the stories, styles and publish channels of the Brand, resulting in a much cleaner workspace

When inviting users therefore, make sure to have Brands set up and assign each user to only those Brands that they should have access to.

For more information, see Setting up Brands in Inception.

Assigning users

Now that Inception is fully set up, users can be invited.

For more information, see Adding users to Inception.

Managing users with admin rights

Now that additional users have been added, more or other users can optionally be given the administrator role.

For more information see Managing admin users in Inception.

Document history

  • March 2017: Added information about managing users with admin rights.
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