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Preparing a layout for export from InDesign to Inception

Preparing a layout for export from InDesign to Inception

This is step 1 of 4 of Exporting a layout from InDesign and importing it in Inception as a Story.

In this step, the layout is prepared for exporting. This is needed to:

  • Make sure that when using the option to automatically create the InDesign Article that the correct content is added.
  • Define any text that should be displayed in bold or italic in Inception.
  • Make sure that during the export the correct content is exported.

1. Preparation required for automatically creating the InDesign Article and for exporting the content

Make sure that all paragraphs that need to be included have the correct paragraph style assigned.

Note: The 'correct' paragraph style is a style that makes sure that the paragraph is added to the InDesign Article. This is defined in the configuration file of the script that automatically creates the article. When in doubt about which styles to use, contact your system administrator.

2. Preparation required for formatting text as bold or italic in Inception

Make sure that any text that should be formatted as bold or italic in Inception is correctly styled.

Note: The configuration of this feature determines the method to use: by assigning a character style, by using a specific font style or by assigning a paragraph style. Check with your system administrator which method(s) to use.

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Continue with Creating an InDesign Article.

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