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Exporting an InDesign layout for import to Inception

Exporting an InDesign layout for import to Inception

This is step 3 of 4 of Exporting a layout from InDesign and importing it in Inception as a Story.

In this step, the content of the created InDesign Article is turned into a file that can be imported into Inception as a Story.

Step 1. Choose Inception > Export InDesign Article.

The export files are saved to the export folder:


Note: This location can be changed in the configuration file.

Step 2. (Optional) Verify that all content that should be exported is present by opening the following file:

<export folder)/indesign-export-sample.html

The sample file for testing the export.

Figure: The sample file can be used to verify the export.

Note: The file uses the following colors:

  • Blue for text that will be imported
  • Red for text that is in the InDesign Article but does not match the configuration settings. This content will not be imported.
  • Gray for images


The text frame on the InDesign layout does not appear in the export

Make sure that the text frame is included in the InDesign Article.

After the InDesign Article is created, it can happen that additional frames are added. When these frames have content that also needs to be exported, remember to also add these frames to the InDesign Article. Do this by:

  • Adding the frames manually to the InDesign Article
  • Deleting the InDesign Article and generating a new one (note that you will lose any changes that you may have made to the order of the article items)

PDF files are not shown in the indesign-export-sample.html file

This can happen for specific Web browsers or their security settings. Try using a different Web browser to view this file.

The export of the InDesign Article becomes slower every time it is executed

This is caused by memory leaks in InDesign's Javascript engine. Restart InDesign to resolve this issue.

Next step

Continue with Importing the layout into Inception.

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