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Inception update - 2 August 2016

And yet another update of Inception, again we've been focusing on improving efficiency and making your content look more beautiful. Keep on reading to find out what we've been working on.
Independent preview window
When you are working on responsive content which is usually displayed on several devices, say an iPad and an iPhone, you might want to have a preview of both of these at the same time, just to make sure everything looks as expected. You can now open multiple of these previews in a new tab, just click on the preview button in the story editor and then on the 'open in new tab' icon.
Import your demo content
Remember these nice templates we've added, Alaska and Coffee. These templates can serve as a basis to brand your own content. Of course it could be that you just want to start fresh again and work on a new style, so we've added the ability to import all the demo content again. Just go to your templates and click on 'Import demo content', small note: only the owner/admin of your Inception account can do this for you.
Storing filtering and sorting, lazy loading and component variants
When you now work on an issue within your brand it will remember the labels and sorting you've set after opening a story but also when you sign out and sign in again. When you have large amounts of stories in Inception we noticed that loading your story list could feel a bit slow, we've enhanced this by lazy loading the list. So stories are loaded when needed. Lastly, people started running out of the component style variants, three was just not enough. So we made a quick improvement here and made it possible to have max ten style variants.
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If you want to know what we are working on right now, have a look at our upcoming blog, and if you have any questions please use the Inception forum.
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