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Importing demo content in Inception

Importing demo content in Inception

Inception comes with demo content that consists of a Getting Started guide to learn how to use Inception, and various templates to use as the starting point for creating your Story.

Demo content

Figure: The demo content of Inception consists of the Getting Started Story and the Story templates 'Coffee', 'Alaska' and 'Sport Climbing'.

It can happen that so many changes are made to these files that you may want to start over again or that you have deleted them but now decide to actually start using them.

For this purpose, an option is available to (re-) import the following files:

  • Stories:
  • Getting Started
  • Templates:
  • Alaska
  • Coffee
  • Rock climbing

Who can import demo content?

Only the person who has signed up for the Inception account can import the demo content.

This person will have access to the Management Console. You can check this by logging in to Inception, clicking your Avatar and checking if the option 'Management console' is present.

The Management Console in the Avatar menu

Importing the demo content

Step 1. (Optional, only when Brands have been configured) Choose the Brand in which you want to import the Demo content.

Step 2. Click your avatar and choose Templates.

The Templates option in the menu

The Templates page appears.

The Template page

Step 3. Click Import demo content and wait for the process to complete.

Note: It is possible to import the demo content multiple times.

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