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Adding additional user licenses to Elvis Cloud

Adding additional user licenses to Elvis Cloud

When signing up for an Elvis Cloud account, you initially are the only user and administrator of Elvis Cloud.

It is very likely though that you will use Elvis Cloud with one or multiple teams of users.

This article explains how to add additional user licenses.

Who can change user licenses?

Only users with admin rights have access to the tool with which user licenses can be managed: the Management console. You can check this by logging in to Elvis Cloud, clicking your Avatar and checking if the option 'Management console' is present.

The Avatar menu

Note: For the purpose of this article it is assumed here that you have access to the Management console.

Adding a license

Step 1. In the Management Console, click Subscriptions.

The Subscriptions page appears.

The Subscriptions page

Step 2. In the bottom right corner, click Edit Subscriptions.

The number of subscriptions are now editable.

Editing the number of subscriptions

Step 3. Make your changes, click Save and in the confirmation message that appears, click Accept.

Confirm the made changes

The maximum number of users is automatically updated and you can invite these additional users through the Users page (see Setting up an Elvis Cloud environment for multiple users).

Document history

  • March 2017: Added information about who can change user licenses.
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