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Elvis Cloud licenses

Elvis Cloud licenses

Various Elvis Cloud licenses can be purchased to suit the needs of your organization. This article provides an overview of these licenses. For details about pricing, see woodwing.com.

Note: This comparison is provided for information purposes only and is not warranted to be error-free, nor is it subject to any other warranties. Taking into account the continuous development of the product, this information is subject to change without prior notice.

License types

The following licenses are available for Elvis Cloud:

Content Manager license

This license gives access to all features (see below) and is aimed at the following types of users:

  • System administrators who need to set up and manage the Elvis Cloud environment 1
  • Power users who need to be able to upload and manage files

Content Consumer license

This license allows users to search, download and share files. It is aimed at the following types of users:

  • Internal staff who need access to your archive for in-house production and reference
  • External users such as resellers or press, to whom you want to provide a limited set of materials in a branded environment (Brand portal)

1 The person who applies for an Elvis Cloud account is automatically assigned the role of system administrator. Only the system administrator will have access to the Management Console which is used for managing users, permissions and other settings. This means that when purchasing Elvis Cloud, at least one Content Manager license needs to be obtained.

Types of applications

Using Elvis Cloud is done through one of the following applications:

  • The Pro client, allowing content managers to upload, edit and manage files.
  • The Brand portal, an easy to use tool for content consumers, aimed at downloading and sharing files.

The Pro Client

Figure: The Pro client contains all features for uploading and managing files in Elvis Cloud.

The Brand portal

Figure: The Brand portal only contains the the tools for searching, downloading and sharing files.

Licenses versus applications

The Pro client and Brand portal are accessed through the same URL.

When logging in to Elvis Cloud, users with a Content Consumer license will be directed to the Brand portal while users with a Content Manager license will be directed to the Pro client. Users with a Content Manager license can also access the Brand portal through a link in the Pro client.

The following table summarizes this information.

  Pro client Brand portal
Content Manager X X1
Content Consumer   X

1 Accessed through a link in the Pro client.

Feature comparison

For a detailed comparison between the features that are available to users with a Content Consumer license (using the Brand portal) and users with a Content Manager license (using the Pro client), see Feature comparison between Elvis 5 and Elvis Cloud.

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