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Working with hyperlinks in Inception

Working with hyperlinks in Inception

In Inception, hyperlinks can be added to text and to images.

Adding a hyperlink to text

Select some text and in the toolbar that appears, click the Hyperlink icon. Add the hyperlink in the field that appears (for details about the hyperlink format, see below).

Adding a hyperlink to selected text

Adding a hyperlink to an image

Select an image, access the properties pane (by clicking the Component Properties icon in the toolbar on the right) and add the hyperlink in the hyperlink field (for details about the hyperlink format, see below).

The hyperlink field for an image

Note: Hyperlinks cannot be added to images that are part of a slideshow.

The hyperlink format

When adding hyperlinks, take note of the following:

  • Add the full link, including prefixes such as 'www', else the hyperlink will be treated as invalid.


  • Correct: www.woodwing.com
  • Incorrect: woodwing.com
  • It is also possible to use prefixes such as 'https', 'ftp', 'mailto:', and so on.


  • https://www.woodwing.com
  • ftp.woodwing.com
  • mailto:info@woodwing.com
  • Always test the link by clicking 'Test link' below the hyperlink field.

Note: When a link is invalid it is automatically redirected to where the Story originated from. For example when the Story was created in Inception for which the URL is inception.my-organization.com, the link is redirected to that URL.

Document history

  • 4 April 2017: Renamed 'Properties icon' to 'Component properties icon'.
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