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MadeToPrint and Enterprise

MadeToPrint and Enterprise

Axaio’s MadeToPrint integration with Enterprise offers features for automatically outputting to print and PDF. Enterprise can be configured in such a way that as soon as a layout and its components (such as articles or images) reaches a particular workflow status, it is processed by MadeToPrint. On completion, the layout and its components can be set to yet another workflow status.

The MadeToPrint solution is an optional feature that needs to be purchased separately and requires extra installation steps. For more information about MadeToPrint, visit www.axaio.com.


Axaio has made available a very detailed guide describing the integration of MadeToPrint with Enterprise. We advise you to follow the description as outlined in this document in order to setup a MadeToPrint integration with Enterprise.

The Guide is available in English and German. For a copy of these guides, contact your local reseller or integrator.

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