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Previewing Stories in Inception

Previewing Stories in Inception

When writing your Story it is important to see how it will look on various devices such as smart phones and tablets, in both landscape and in portrait orientation.

To verify this, click Preview in the menu bar to open the Story in the Preview page. From the list of devices, choose a device and whether the preview should be shown vertically or horizontally.

Previewing a Story

Figure: Previewing a Story for different devices.

Showing the preview in a new tab

Even more practical is to work on the Story in one view while keeping an eye on the way it looks on the device in another view. To do this, click the 'Open preview in new tab' icon in the list of devices.

Open preview in new tab

The preview is loaded into a new tab of the Web browser and is updated shortly after making a change in the Story itself.

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