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Searching for files in Elvis Cloud using the Brand portal

Searching for files using the Brand portal of Elvis Cloud

Working on files in Elvis begins with first finding the files that you want to work on.

This article describes the various ways in which files can be located in Elvis Cloud by using the Brand portal.

Ways of searching

There are 3 different ways in which you can search for files: 

  • By entering a search term
  • By browsing sections
  • By filtering the search results by using additional criteria

Each of these methods can be used individually or in combination with one or all of the other methods.

Example: Here, all 3 methods are used: a search term "flower" is entered in the Search box (A), Category "Fauna" is being searched (B) and the search results are filtered by tag "Closeup" (C).

Searching for files

Entering a search term

Enter a search term in the Search box to find any files with that phrase in their file name, description, tags, and so on.

  • After entering the search term press Enter to perform the search.
  • Leave the Search box empty to find all files within a location.
  • Choose to search in all files or in a specific Category (folder). Sub-Categories are automatically included when searching,

Navigating Categories

When using Categories and accessing sub-Categories, use the Back button in the Category panel or the menu options to navigate to previously accessed Categories.

Category navigation

Figure: When navigating sub-Categories, return to previously accessed Categories by using the Back button (A) or choose a Category from the menu.

Filtering the search results

Use the Filter to further narrow down the search results.

  • The Filter can be hidden and shown by clicking the Filters button.

Accessing the Filter

Figure: The Filter (B) is accessed by clicking the Filters button (A).

Saving a Search

If you regularly search for the same files, save the search by creating a bookmark in the Web browser.

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