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Setting up Brands in Inception

Setting up Brands in Inception

The Stories that are created in Inception are typically used in different brands or projects and are created by a team of writers.

Each brand or project will have its own stories, styling, templates and publication channels. It makes sense therefore to make these part of only those brands or projects in which they are used.

In a similar way, users will typically be assigned to work on a particular brand or project, so it makes sense to give these users access to only those brands or projects in which they should work.

This has the benefit that users only see the stories and tools with which they should work and are not distracted by stories and tools that they do not or should not use. It also prevents that stories are incorrectly styled or that they are published to the wrong channels.

All of this is achieved by using Brands.

This article explains how to set up Brands in Inception.

Note: For information about how users use Brands, see Working with Brands in Inception.

About default Brands

Even when not setting up Brands, Inception uses a default Brand to which all users, styles, templates and Publish Channels belong. Users will therefore always be part of at least one Brand: either the default Brand or a Brand that has been set up.

Who can set up Brands?

Only the person who has signed up for the Inception account has access to the tool with which they can be set up: the Management console. You can check this by logging in to Inception, clicking your Avatar and checking if the option 'Management console' is present.

The Management Console in the Avatar menu

Note: For the purpose of this article it is assumed here that you have access to the Management console.

Managing Brands

Managing Brands is done in the Management Console. Access this by clicking your Avatar and choosing 'Management Console' from the menu.

Step 1. Choose a user to assign a Brand to or choose a user to which a Brand has already been assigned.

The Brands pane appears.

The Brands pane

Note: A Brand named 'Default' is added by Inception.

Step 2. Do one of the following:

  • To add Brands, use the Add Brand button.
  • To assign a Brand to a user, select the user and then click a Brand in the Brands pane.
  • To unassign a Brand, remove it from the user.

Note: A user needs to have at least one Brand assigned. When only one Brand is assigned, it cannot be unassigned until another Brand is first assigned.

  • To rename a Brand, hover over the Brand name in the Brands pane and click the Edit icon.
  • To delete a Brand, make sure that it is not assigned to any user. Then, hover over the Brand name in the Brands pane and click the Delete icon.
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