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Creating a copy of a Story in Inception

Creating a copy of a Story in Inception

When you want to create a Story in Inception which is very similar to a Story that already exists, you can create a copy of that Story to use as a starting point.

Step 1. In the list of Stories, locate the Story that you want to make a copy of.

Step 2. Hover your mouse over the Actions column for that Story and from the menu that appears choose Copy.

The Copy option

A copy of the Story is created. It will have the same name as the copied Story with the suffix “ - copy 1″, “ - copy 2″ and so on.

Example: "My Story - copy 1"

What is copied

The following is copied from the original Story:

  • Style elements on Story level such as colors, and font styles such as bold and italic
  • All properties

What is not copied

The following is not copied from the original Story:

  • The versions of a Story
  • The applied Style (you can copy this separately when needed)

Document history

  • 4 April 2017: Renamed 'metadata' to 'properties'.
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