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Inception update - 19 May 2016

Good news! We have some great new features available. Here's an overview of what's added:
  • Duplicate your story. If you hover the story you want to copy under the Action column (previously delete) we show three vertical dots, there we added the copy action.
  • Font management. We allow uploading custom fonts. Click on your account button (top right) and go to configuration, there's a new tab called Fonts. Here you can upload fonts which you can then use in your story. For now we only support .woff fonts.
  • More text styling options.
    • Set line-height and character-spacing of a text component. You can find these in the properties panel of any text component.
    • We've added underline and strikethrough to the text selection pop-over.
  • Improved the style editor. Give a custom name to the component style properties. Edit your style, select a component, and click 'Change variants', here you can name Option 1 to 3.
If you want to know what we are working on right now, have a look at our upcoming page: http://productblog.woodwing.com/upcoming.
If you have any questions please use the Inception forum.
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