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 Enterprise 8 documentation

Welcome to the Enterprise 8 documentation archive. Here you will find the documentation that accompanied the Enterprise 8 products.

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Release Notes

The Release Notes contain information about the new features, changes, fixed issues, known issues and upgrade instructions for each release of the Enterprise 8 products.

Compatibility Matrix

The Compatibility Matrix lists the compatibility of all Enterprise client and server applications as well as compatibility of these applications with 3rd-party software.

Use it to check on which operating systems software can be installed, with which other applications software can be used, and so on.

User Guides

The User Guides explain in detail how to use the software. All user guides are in PDF format.

Installation and configuration

The following documents and files can be used for installing and configuring the software.

All documents are in PDF format.


The following documents and files can be used by software developers for getting a better understanding of the system or for extending the features of the system.

  • Article Schema. - 2KB, 1 October 2012
    A schema describing the document format used to store output when the Output option is set for articles.
  • Article wcml schema 2.x. - 4KB, 28 October 2014
    An XML schema describing the structure of wcml articles used in Enterprise.
  • Content Station 7.1 and later Modular Applications. 105KB, 26 February 2013
    A guide providing rules and guidelines on the creation and installation of Flex applications that run inside Content Station 7.1 and later.
  • Content Station 8.x Modular Applications - 9.5MB, 24 July 2013
    A collection of modular applications utilizing the Content Station API.
  • Digital Magazine Widget schema 1.2. - 4KB, 24 September 2012
    A schema describing the structure of the manifest.xml configuration file. The fields in the manifest serve as input options to the Widget and control the behavior of the Widget. The archive contains a sample xml manifest with examples of all fields.
  • Enterprise 8.0 Datamodel - 92KB, 28 January 2013
  • Enterprise 8.0 Data model details. - 15KB, 1 October 2012
    A detailed view (fields per table) of the database model of Enterprise Server.

Tip: Instead of downloading it here, you can run the following URL on your Enterprise installation: Enterprise/server/dbscripts/dbmodelview.php.

  • Enterprise 8.0 WSDL Package. - 96KB, 1 October 2012
    An archive of all public WSDLs shipped with Enterprise Server. Typically useful when you want to start writing or upgrading your SOAP client while you have no server installed or upgraded yet. It contains the latest versions of all WSDLs as shipped at the Enterprise/server/interfaces folder.
  • Enterprise 8 - Specification Message Format. - 135KB, 21 November 2012
    This document describes the format of all broadcasted/multicasted messages sent by Enterprise 8 Server. This is typically useful when you develop your own client application and you want to receive and interpret such messages.
  • Smart Connection Scripting and Events Guide for Adobe CS6. - 19 July 2015, 660KB
    Provides details on the extensions to the scripting model that Smart Connection adds to InDesign, InCopy and InDesign Server.
  • Web Services Guide version 3.0. - 8MB, 21 October 2013
    This guide provides in-depth information about how client applications interact with the Enterprise Server system via Web Services. It looks from the ‘outside’ to Enterprise Server and explains concepts, interfaces, operations, data structures, and so on.
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