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Changing the time-out period for Solr 4.5

Changing the Solr time-out period

Changing the time-out period for Solr may be necessary when time-outs occur while indexing many objects.

Info: This article can be used for Solr 4 and Solr 6.

Do one of the following:

Tip: (For Enterprise Server 10.1 or higher only) Easily manage and configure settings of all configuration files by adding them to a single configuration file.

  • Recommended method: In the solrconfig.xml file , change settings such as ramBufferSizeMB, mergeFactor, and autoCommit.
  • In the solr_config.php file, change the value of the SOLR_TIMEOUT setting.

Note: The time is defined in seconds.

Example:define ('SOLR_TIMEOUT', 5);

Document history

  • 29 November 2017: Changed title from 'Changing the time-out period for Solr 4.5' to 'Changing the Solr time-out period'.
  • 29 November 2017: Made the article compatible with Solr 6.2.
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