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Setting the Content Station 10 text editor to read-only mode


Setting the Content Station 10 Print editor to read-only mode

Editing articles using Content Station 10 is only one way of working on articles within Enterprise. Other methods are by using InDesign or InCopy (both with Smart Connection installed), or by using the Multi-Channel Text Editor of Content Station 9.

In some workflows it can be beneficial to not allow users to edit articles in Content Station 10, but to have them use any of the other editors instead.

This is especially useful when using Tracked Changes. Content Station 10 currently does not support articles that contain Tracked Changes and by default won't open them or (after configuring Content Station), accepts all Tracked Changes when the article is opened.

Content Station can therefore be configured so that articles can only be opened in read-only mode. This allows users to still view and copy the content of the article.

This is done by adding the following setting:

new Feature( 'ContentStationReadWriteEditor' )

Document history

  • 18 January 2017: Changed references of  'text editor' to 'Print editor'.
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