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Assigning Stories in Inception

Assigning Stories in Inception

Creating a story is teamwork and involves the collaboration of various contributors such as authors, photographers and editors.

Inception contains a simple workflow process to assign a story to a contributor and — once the contributor is finished working on the story — to send the Story back for review.

Assigning a story

How it works

When a Story is assigned, a maximum of two people are involved: the sender and the contributor.

What the sender does:

  • Assigns the Story to a contributor by email.
  • Reviews the Story once sent back by the contributor.
  • Compares different versions of the Story and when needed restores a previous version (see Comparing Story versions in Inception).
  • Assigns the story back to the same contributor for further work or to a different contributor for additional work.

What the contributor does:

  • Accesses the Story without having to log in by clicking the link in the received e-mail.
  • Works on the Story by adding text, images and components.
  • Clicks the 'Ready for Review' button to assign the Story back to the sender.

Assigning the Story

Do one of the following:

  • Create a new Story, click Assign Story in the window that appears, fill in the fields and click Create.

New Story window

  • Open a Story, click Assign in the menu bar, fill in the fields in the window that appears and click Send.

Assign Story window

Sending the Story back for review

  • At any time, click the Ready for Review button in the menu bar, fill in the fields in the window that appears and click Send.

Ready for Review button

Ready for Review window

Note: Once the Story is sent for review, it cannot be accessed anymore by the contributor.

Viewing the messages that were sent

Do one of the following:

  • Open the Assign Story window by assigning a Story or by clicking Ready for Review. All sent messages are shown at the top with the most recent message first.

Sent messages

Viewing a message in a Story version

Additional information

Does the contributor need to have an Inception account?

No. This feature is currently in Beta phase, is free of charge and contributors do not need an Inception account. During the Beta phase, you can assign the Story using any e-mail account, even of contributors who don't exist in Inception as a user.

Note: When the Assign Story feature is officially released, a license will be required for assigning Stories or editing an assigned Story.

Are there any limitations to working on an assigned Story in Inception?

Yes and no. Two scenarios exist:

  1. You do not have an Inception account or you are logged in to a different Inception account than the one from which the story is assigned. In this case, a 'light' version of Inception is shown. Accessing the Story can only be done by clicking the link in the e-mail that was sent to you and other than working within that Story, no other parts of Inception can be accessed. Note also that as soon as you have sent the story back for review, it cannot be accessed anymore by using the link sent in the e-mail.
  1. You are logged in to the same account as the one from which the Story was assigned. In this case, you can access the Story from the list of Stories on the Home page of Inception and you can work on the Story in the same was as any other Story, even after sending it in for review.

Note: When Brands have been set up in Inception, you can only access the assigned Story when the Story is part of a Brand to which you are also assigned.

Is the Story locked for editing for other users when it is assigned to a contributor?

No. When a Story is assigned to a contributor, all users who have access to the Story can still work on it. Note though that when needed, previous versions of the Story can be restored.

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