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Working with fonts in Inception

Working with fonts in Inception

Which fonts to use is probably the most important decision to make when deciding how your story should look.

In Inception, the use of fonts is mainly controlled through definitions in a CSS style but local changes can be made by assigning a different Style to an individual Story component or by applying a custom font to selected text.

This article describes how to make fonts available in Inception and how to apply them.

Making fonts available

Making fonts available in Inception is done in the following ways:

Applying fonts

Applying fonts in Inception is done on three levels.

  1. A Style controls the default font for each component in a Story. This Style is applied to the Story itself.
  2. A Style variant can be used to apply a custom style (including a font) to an individual component in a Story.
  3. A custom font can be assigned to selected text in the Story.

The advantage of using a Style or Style variant is that when the definition of the style is changed, all components of the Story that have that style assigned are automatically updated. While selecting text and applying a font is quick, making changes afterward can be time consuming.

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