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Publishing an Inception Story as a Facebook Instant Article

Publishing an Inception Story as a Facebook Instant Article

Note: For this feature to work, Inception needs to be configured.

Step 1. Access the publish options for the Story or Stories that you want to publish.

Options for publishing to Facebook Instant Articles

Step 3. Choose the following options:

  • Target: Facebook Instant Articles.
  • Publish to: The name of the Facebook page that you want to publish the Story to.
  • RSS Feed URL. This URL is provided for your reference in case you want to configure a Facebook page to publish to.
  • Optimize images. (Optional but recommended). Select to reduce the file size of images which sizes exceed configured settings. A smaller file size means shorter download times and thereby a better experience for the user. The current estimated package size is indicated and adjusted when selecting the option.

Note: The indicated file size is an estimation, the final file size may vary.

Step 4. Click Publish.

The Story or Stories are published and a confirmation message appears. The Stories will appear on the Facebook page in a few moments.

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