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Removing broken Elvis 4 shadow objects from Enterprise Server

Removing broken Elvis 4 shadow objects from Enterprise Server

Info: This article applies to using Elvis 4.2.4 – Elvis 4.5.x.

When a file that is stored in Elvis is used in Enterprise, a reference to the file in Elvis is stored in Enterprise. When the original file is subsequently removed from Elvis, the references in Enterprise are broken. Such references can be automatically removed from Enterprise.

This is done by making use of an Enterprise Server Job and is a 2-step process:

  1. Generating the Server job.
  2. Scheduling the Server job.

1. Generating the Server job

The Server Job is generated through the Elvis Content Source plug-in.

Step 1. Make sure that an Elvis user with Super User credentials is defined in the configuration file of the plug-in:

Step 1a. Open the configuration file in a text editor:

<Enterprise Server folder>/config/plugins/Elvis/config.php

Step 1b. Validate the following credentials:


In the following example, a user 'woodwing' with password 'ww' is defined:

 * Elvis SUPER_USER username and password, needed for creating PDF previews 
 * with InDesign Server.
 * This user is also used to give Enterprise users without Elvis credentials access to the Elvis server.
define('ELVIS_SUPER_USER', 'woodwing');
define('ELVIS_SUPER_USER_PASS', 'ww');

Step 1c. Save and close the file.

Step 2. In Enterprise Server, access the Enterprise Server plug-ins page, disable and enable the Elvis plug-in.

As a result of this step, an Enterprise Server Job named Elvis is generated.

2. Scheduling the Server job

Set up and schedule the Elvis Server Job.

Note: We advise to run the process once every day when both Enterprise and Elvis are idle. The first time you activate the Server job it may take a while for it to complete.

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