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Filtering Stories in Inception by using labels

Filtering Stories in Inception by using labels

When a long list of Stories exist in Inception, it can become hard to quickly find a Story that you want to work on.

To make finding a Story easier, you can make use of Story labels.

Using labels

How it works

Using Story labels is straightforward: you assign one or more labels to a Story and use the Filter field to show only those Stories that have specific labels assigned.

See this demonstrated in this short video:

Adding a label to a Story

To add a label, double-click the Labels field for a Story and type your text followed by a comma or by pressing Return or the Tab key.

To exit the Label field, press Escape or click anywhere outside the field.

Note: After adding one or more labels, they are automatically placed in alphabetical order (you may need to refresh the page to see this).

Removing a label

To remove a label, click the cross in the label or when you have the text cursor placed to the right of the label, press Backspace twice.

Filtering on labels

Type the label in the Filter field at the top of the page in the same way as adding a label to a Story. The list of Stories will automatically be filtered to show only those Stories that have that label assigned.

When entering more than one label, only those Stories are shown that have all entered labels assigned.

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