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Comparing Story versions in Inception

Comparing Story versions in Inception

In Inception, a Story can be assigned to a user for further reviewing and/or further editing.

During this process, a version of the Story is saved each time a Story is assigned to a user.

When needed, the current version of the Story can be compared with the most recent version for any differences in the text that may exist.

Comparing Stories

Note: It is only possible to compare a version with its previous version: the second version with the third, the third with the fourth, and so on.

How to compare versions

Click the Versions button In the toolbar to open the Versions panel and click Show latest changes. Click a Story in the list of available versions to compare that version with its previous version.

What is compared?

Only the text of the Story is compared, not the images or any of the components.

Added text is shown on a green background, removed text is shown as a strike-through on a red background.

Editing the Story while comparing

When comparing the versions of a Story, the Story cannot be edited.

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