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Digital Magazine Widget manifest

Digital Magazine Widget manifest

A Widget is an HTML5 component with distinct functionality such as a 360-degree view of an object, a slide show, a zoomable image, and so on. It can be incorporated in a layout with the intention to publish it to a mobile device.

This functionality is provided through the use of HTML, Javascript, CSS, and possible related source files.

Note: For more information about working with Widgets, see the Digital Publishing Tools User Guide.

File format

A Widget is stored in the Enterprise system as a .htmlwidget file. This is essentially a zipped file with a changed extension. By changing the extension to .zip, the file can be unpacked.

One of the files within the Widget is the manifest.xml which is a configuration file that describes the fields that can be modified.

XML schema

The XML schema describes the structure of the manifest.xml configuration file. The fields in the manifest serve as input options for the Widget and control the behavior of the Widget.

The sample XML manifest contains examples of all fields.

ww_dm_manifest_v1.2.xsd__1.zip (10 March 2014, 4KB)

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