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Upgrading Elvis 4

Upgrading Elvis 4

When upgrading from an earlier version of Elvis to Elvis 4 or when upgrading an existing version of Elvis 4 to a newer version of Elvis 4, check the instructions below for any additional steps to perform on top of the regular installation steps.

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Important: Before upgrading a production environment, make sure you have a recent backup of your Config and Elvis Data, including a backup of the Elvis Data folder.


To upgrade your Elvis Server, run the server installer. It will automatically detect the existing version and will offer to upgrade. The upgrade will replace all application files. Your data, configuration and log files will not be touched.

On upgrade, the installer will create a clean-example-config-x.x.x folder with a clean copy of the latest configuration files. These can be used as reference for any new configuration options that are available.

Desktop clients

Note: Upgrading desktop clients from version 4.0.x or lower to 4.1 and higher is not possible using the desktop client upgrade dialog. Use the client install page on the server instead.

Desktop clients automatically detect new server versions and will offer to update. Alternatively users can go to the client install page on the server, which will also detect the newer client version and will allow upgrading.

If error occurs during installation, see Known issues - client install.

Elvis Drive

Important: When using the Elvis Drive client and upgrading to Elvis 4.6: please read the manual upgrade instructions in the table below carefully before upgrading to Elvis 4.6.

When the Elvis Drive connector is out of date the client will not be able to connect to the server. To upgrade the Elvis Drive connector, follow the steps on the client install page.

Special cases

Migrate modules to plug-ins

If your are upgrading from a version below 2.6 you have to manually migrate the scheduled modules to the plug-in framework. All old scheduled modules need to be migrated to schedule plug-ins with a few manual steps. For all the standard modules like the folder-import, a corresponding sample plug-in is available in the plug-ins folder.

To upgrade, perform the following steps for each module:

  • Find the corresponding plug-in in the <Elvis Config>/plugins/samples/schedule_plug-ins folder, this is only available after the server has been started at least once.
  • Copy the plug-in to the <Elvis Config>/plugins/active folder
  • Open schedule.config.xml and migrate your settings from the old scheduled module
  • Reload the plug-ins in the Elvis client (no server restart required)
  • If you are using the html_public or html_user folders, migrate them by creating a plug-in for them with a webaccess.config.xml file.
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