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Inception update - 12 November 2015

Today we have updated Inception and added the following features:
  • Image Cropping! The team has done a great job on implementing the image cropping feature. You can click edit image from within an image component in a story and create a crop for your image. It is a soft-crop so your original is untouched. We also show previews on how your crop will look on a device.
  • We improved the Inception story to Enterprise flow. Now your images are also exported! Get the new plugin here.

Note: when you use the Inception to Enterprise export you have to update the EPContent Source plugin. The old plugin is not compatible with Inception anymore.

Important: Please use the latest version of the style template, see "Customizing the look and feel of an Inception Story"

We are currently working on the following new features:
  • Story organisation.
  • Apple News.
  • Improve styling options: change font/size/color for components.
Known issues:
  • Exporting to an unsecure (none https) Enterprise server.
  • Removing a component with backspace is not always working.
  • None fixed background for hero component is not working on android devices.
If you have any questions please use the Inception forum.
Best regards,
The Inception Team
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