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Installing demo files for Elvis 5

Installing demo files for Elvis 5

When using Elvis for demonstration purposes, a pack of 60 demo files can be installed. This pack consists mainly of images but also includes documents, a presentation, spreadsheets, InDesign files and videos.

Step 1. After installing Elvis 5 Server, enter the following URL in a Web browser:

<Elvis Server URL>/services/admin/demopack

Example: localhost/services/admin/demopack

The files are imported into Elvis and stored in the 'Demo zone' folder. This process takes a few moments.

Step 2. Verify that the files are now available in Elvis:

Step 2a. Access the Elvis Pro Client by entering the following URL:

<Elvis Server URL>/app

Example: localhost/app

Step 2b. Search for the files simply by leaving the Search box empty and pressing Enter.

Viewing the demo files in the Elvis Pro client

Figure: Viewing the demo files in the Elvis Pro Client.

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