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Adobe Drive support ended

Adobe Drive support ended

As of Elvis Server 4.6, Adobe Drive is no longer available as integration for Elvis. For Elvis Server users who also use Adobe CS/CC, WoodWing introduces a new InDesign client which functionally replaces Adobe Drive in Elvis 4.6 and 5.0.

New solution

As a replacement for Adobe Drive, we introduced a new InDesign client with Elvis 4.6. Also, in Elvis 4.5 a number of improvements were made to the way the desktop client works with checked out files.

InDesign Client plug-in

The Elvis InDesign Client allows you to easily edit InDesign files managed in Elvis, a brief overview of it's features:

  • Automatic linking of Elvis images once an InDesign file is opened from Elvis
  • Edit original workflow including automatic check- out / in
  • Fully integrated with the Elvis desktop client:
  • Place images easily via drag 'n drop
  • Check- out / in any CC file: InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, etc
  • Fast and reliable file transfer

Please find all details in InDesign Client - introduction.

Improved desktop client checkout functionality

In Elvis 4.5, the desktop client is improved to work better with locally checked out files, this includes:

  • Checked out files tab:
  • Improved UI, easy to check in multiple files
  • Added support for saving file versions with a different type, for example save a psd image as version of the jpg original.
  • A new feature which opens a file directly with the default application for the registered file type. The file is also automatically checked out as part of the process.
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