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Perspectives in Elvis 4 Server

Perspectives in Elvis 4 Server

Perspectives are settings in the Elvis desktop interface that can be saved and applied to users and user groups. This only works when users log in the first time, since a lot of elements in the user interface can be changed by a user afterwards.

An admin can associate the perspective with one or more groups. A user receives a new profile based on the group perspective when logging into Elvis for the first time.

The following elements of the interface can be saved to a perspective:

  • main user interface layout
  • position of side panels
  • search result settings
  • thumbnail sizing
  • results in list or thumbnail view
  • favorites
  • configured quick sorts
  • displayed fields
  • default visible metadata
  • metadata in search results
  • fields in the metadata panel, depending on:
  • import tab
  • search results

Create a new perspective with 'Manage perspectives' from the System menu in the desktop client. This will capture the current configuration of your Elvis client. Only the admin can create and manage perspectives.

The Perspective Activation Setting window

Not all settings of the perspective have to be applied to a user group. You can switch off or activate parts of the perspective to one or multiple groups in the activation settings menu (View > Perspectives > Activation Settings).

Note: Users may not have the correct perspective if they already logged in before the perspective was associated with the users' group. This can be solved by manually switching to the correct perspective from the View > Perspective menu. An admin user can also delete the user profile from the 'Elvis Data\profileData' folder on the server, this will cause a new profile to be created next time the user logs on.

In the screenshots below you can see the result of setting up perspectives for different user groups.

Perspective settings for a designer

Perspective settings for editors

Perspective settings for photographers

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